For Learners

Practise your hazard perception skills

Here you can try any of our tests for free! Our hazard perception tests are created to the same specifications as the DVSA. Test your hazard perception skill to prepare for your theory test. Challenge your friends to see who has the best hazard perception. Click on a test to see the instructions and begin.

Benefits For Learners

All learner drivers must pass the official DVSA hazard perception before you can take your on-road test. Our tests will improve your hazard perception skill and help you pass the test.
Our sites goes beyond helping you pass the official test. We aim to make you safer on the roads with our tests and training materials.
Newly qualified drivers are more than 3 times likely to be involved in a collision in the first 12 months of driving compared to more experienced drivers. Practice can prevent you from becoming just another statistic.
Judge how good you are by comparing your scores to those of your friends, and to all the drivers who use this site. Most people think they are better than the average driver. Are you?