For Fleet Managers

Test your fleet drivers' hazard perception abilities

Here you can try any of our tests for free! See what kind of tests we have to offer and whether they are appropriate for you. Click on a test to see the instructions and begin.

If you are interested in using any of our tests with your drivers, you can purchase a set of activation codes that allow access to an individual test, which you can view the results of. Contact [email protected] if you are interested.

Benefits For Fleet Managers

Your drivers can access these tests via individual codes. You get a report on which hazards they spotted and which they missed. This can be invaluable for targeting your in-house training resources.
Hazard perception skills are vehicle and task specific. Why get your drivers to take part in hazard tests designed for learner drivers? We have tests filmed from HGVs and Fire Appliances that are more appropriate for your drivers, with more vehicles and professions to be added in the future.
These tests are more engaging that traditional training and assessment methods, and your drivers can access them from home in their own time.
You contribute to the development of new tests! In order to maintain and improve this site, we make a small charge for access to our HGV tests, but this money feeds back into the development of new materials that can benefit the general public.