Hazard prediction explanation

What is hazard prediction? For twenty years, hazard perception tests have asked drivers to press a button as quickly as possible once they have seen a developing hazard. We think that this method has a few problems: some people press too soon and score zero points even though they know what is going to happen; some people press at the correct time, but for something completely different to the hazard!

To overcome these problems we developed a hazard prediction test. Instead of pressing a button to respond to the hazard as quickly as possible, the clip suddenly disappears as the hazard starts to develop, and drivers are asked, “What happens next?” You are then presented with 4 options and have to choose the correct one.

The hazard prediction test is harder than the traditional hazard perception test, but is it a fairer representation of your safety on the road? Why not get in touch and tell us what you think: [email protected]