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Making Driving Safer

Can you spot hazards on the road?

Hazard Perception skill is the ability to spot dangers on the road in time to avoid a collision, and it is the only advanced driving skill that has been linked to driver safety. At we love hazard perception and we are constantly designing new hazard tests for all sorts of drivers. Most importantly, we want to make all our car-driving tests free to the public! Our primary goal is to make people safer on the roads, not to make money.

Benefits For Drivers

Hazard perception skills develop with practice. The more you engage with our testing and training materials the better you will become!
Drivers with good hazard perception skills are less likely to crash. Protect your car, your no-claims bonus, and the lives of you and your passengers!
If you passed your driving test before 2002, you were not required to take a hazard perception test. However, it is not too late! Research shows that even highly experienced drivers can benefit from hazard perception practice.
Many professional driving licenses require drivers to undergo the official DVSA hazard perception test. This is a free opportunity to practice those skills.

Benefits For Learners

All learner drivers must pass the official DVSA hazard perception before you can take your on-road test. Our tests will improve your hazard perception skill and help you pass the test.
Our sites goes beyond helping you pass the official test. We aim to make you safer on the roads with our tests and training materials.
Newly qualified drivers are more than 3 times likely to be involved in a collision in the first 12 months of driving compared to more experienced drivers. Practice can prevent you from becoming just another statistic.
Judge how good you are by comparing your scores to those of your friends, and to all the drivers who use this site. Most people think they are better than the average driver. Are you?

Benefits For Fleet Managers

Your drivers can access these tests via individual codes. You get a report on which hazards they spotted and which they missed. This can be invaluable for targeting your in-house training resources.
Hazard perception skills are vehicle and task specific. Why get your drivers to take part in hazard tests designed for learner drivers? We have tests filmed from HGVs and Fire Appliances that are more appropriate for your drivers, with more vehicles and professions to be added in the future.
These tests are more engaging that traditional training and assessment methods, and your drivers can access them from home in their own time.
You contribute to the development of new tests! In order to maintain and improve this site, we make a small charge for access to our HGV tests, but this money feeds back into the development of new materials that can benefit the general public.

Benefits For Mobility Scooter Users

Evidence based training - informed by the views of mobility scooter users through a questionnaire, face to face interviews, and recording users as they drove around a city centre. Consequently, supported by research that explores what users see as the main hazards at road crossings and how to negotiate these.
Uniquely, uses real life footage filmed from a scooter user’s perspective as they drive around a city centre, thereby creating a better understanding of how the hazards identified are experienced as a scooter user.
Improve your hazard perception skills – evidence from car driving research has found hazard perception predicts crash involvement and driving performance.
Access to training - only 38% of 270 respondents to our questionnaire had received any form of mobility scooter training and 91% felt more can be done to promote safe use of a mobility scooter. The training video is a step towards that, and it’s free!